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Deeper into nothingness

A journey into my empty mind

30 April 1983
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Och nan och tha mi fo mhulad.... I aim to be a Renaissance women for the 21st Century, if I could just make it out of bed on time I could conquer the world.
1940's fashion, aimee echo, alcohol, asia argento, asphyxiation, bdsm, being me, being tied up, billie holiday, billy connolly, birthdays, bizarre magazine, bleach, bodhrán, books, boys, boys with dreads, boys with issues, bruises, cats, choke chains, climbing trees, confusion, contraception, crazy girls, cutting, dancing, daria, dreads, drugs, eddie izzard, elizabeth wurtzel, escape, eyeliner, fake hair, feadóg stain, fetish heels, fight sex, finding him, food, fortean times, freedom, friends, gaelic, hair dye, hanging upside down, hip-hop, his infernal majesty, human waste project, in my room, irish, irony, julie fowlis, last nights makeup, late night shopping catharsis, leaving, living dead dolls, lofepramine, losing weight, love, lust, lynn strait, magick, mania, mary janes, marya hornbacher, metal, michael moore, mike patton, mobile phones, mushrooms, my triple goddess tattoo, papillons, piercing(s), playfighting, poetry, poi, posing for photos, posing with my bass, pot noodles, pretty dresses, primarni, puddles, rainbows, raindrops, random violence, raynas hair, razor blades, red hair, remembering, rough sex, running away, safety pins, saving people from myself, seamed stockings, sex in kitchens, sexy people, sharp pointy things, skinny photos, slapping people, sleeping rough, smiling, soulmate questing, speed, speed talking, spontaneity, storms, strangulation, stuff that is mine, stumblefunk, swinging on things, t'internet, tattooed people, tattoos, teasing, texting, that certain feeling, the bangles, the cotton club, the sky, the start, the triple goddess, the world, tickling, tool, torrential rain, travelling, trees, trent from daria, twisted relationships, umbrellas, violent fantasies, waxing my eyebrows, weird shit, welsh caravan bunkbeds, wicca, writing